Who are Reading Writers?

imageWe are a small and varied group of people of all ages who are united in our love for words.

We encompass performance poets and stand-up comedians as well as writers of autobiography, local history, romantic fiction, crime fiction, science fiction, fantasy and just plain fiction.

Some of us have been published, some are still looking for a publisher, and some of us just write for sheer joy.

We believe first and foremost that writing is an activity to be enjoyed, and any further rewards are a bonus. Each of us is happy to give help and support to everybody else.

How do I join?

Please contact info@readingwriters.co.uk. There is a waiting list in place. Due to popular demand a substantial wait time for new members is sadly to be anticipated. Patience is a virtue.

Before we ask you to join you can attend and play a full part in two meetings free of charge, to see if the group is for you. After that you will be asked to pay a subscription if you wish to continue attending (currently £50, with discounts available for the unwaged and students). We also offer associate membership at a heavily reduced cost for those who feel they’re only able to attend every so often–realistically, that’s four or fewer meetings a year.

When do we meet?

We meet on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month in a meeting room at RISC (Reading International Solidarity Centre) in London Street, Reading. The formal meeting starts at 7.15 pm with the minutes, a platform for the successes of our members, and news. We try to keep these formalities as brief as possible so that we can move as quickly as possible to the business of the evening. The room is available from 7 pm for informal conversation. The meeting closes at 10 pm, but some members like to carry on more informally in the Great Expectations pub next door.