NAWGfest 2018 Review

RW recently rejoined the National Association of Writing Groups (NAWG thence), a country-wide organisation of idiots, dreamers, narcissists and delusioneers writerly types. As part of the annual subscription, we’re allowed to enter NAWG’s many… Continue reading

Much Ado…

Something from our Juliet, esteemed MS Night Secretary and all-round RW hero. In a cross-post with Progress Theatre, she outlines the sheer hard work that goes into a local production of Shakespeare…

A Little Something From Claire

Presented without comment… except to say that Claire remains a driving force and an essential part of the soul of Reading Writers. Also, it’s her fault that yr esteemed webmaster is at the… Continue reading

The First Thing About The Last Day

There were some big changes to the committee of Reading Writers at the end of last year.

Panto Season? Oh Yes, It Is!

We are delighted as always to big up the work of our esteemed members. So it is with pride that we are happy to share news from one of our longest standing Reading… Continue reading

Octopus Medicine

One of our newer members, Becci Louise, is a performance poet with a penchant for the wilder side of life. She writes about the natural world, taking magical inspiration from the flora and… Continue reading

Supporting ABC To Read

A little something from our Josh… Today I visited the lovely people at ABC to Read,, and handed over a cheque from Reading Writers for £100. As you’d expect for a charity… Continue reading


It feels like no more than fifteen seconds since we opened proceedings on another year at RW. And yet here we are, with our flash fiction throw-down/end of term party looming, and summer… Continue reading

2017: RW Writes On!

2017, eh? A year of tumult, change and overall surreality.

Writing by Reading Writers: My Special Relationship With America

It’s been an interesting start to the New Year for us, and we promise a full update on our shenanigans soon. But for now, allow us to present some writing from one of… Continue reading

Tales from Our Town: Tales Told in Public

Last week was momentous for Reading Writers. After nearly a year’s work, we were ready to reveal the fruits of our labour: a slim but solid volume of new writing.

October Is The Busiest Month

Let’s be plain here. We’re cramming a LOT into the next couple of weeks. To begin with, let’s talk about our Chair, Claire Dyer. An acclaimed poet and author, she’s had a busy… Continue reading

Tales From Our Town

It’s been a long and busy summer, but autumn is about to bear fruit. 

Reading Gaol: Oscar Wilde on Trial

It’s strange to think that one of Reading’s most famous landmarks is also one that was home to so much misery.

End Of Term

We tend to take a bit of a break over the summer, giving everyone a chance to recharge and reset before a busy autumn. But there was a lot of fun to be… Continue reading

Notes On “Brooklyn”

We’re on summer break here at RW, but that doesn’t stop us writing… or reading! So a bunch of us gathered at Caversham’s Alto Lounge earlier this week for the group’s annual Book… Continue reading

Getting Ready For Summer

Things don’t get any quieter here at Reading Writers. Guest speakers galore have entertained and inspired us, while our own writing ticks along very nicely, thank you. Over the past month we’ve had… Continue reading

Applause, Applause.

Although the whole point of Reading Writers is to get together and have a bit of fun with our favourite all-consuming passion, it’s also nice when we have a little success with it.… Continue reading


I’m handing over this week’s blog to our esteemed chair, Claire Dyer, who posts to us from the wilds of the Forest Of Dean…   For the past few days I’ve been somewhere… Continue reading

We Are News

We’re well into the swing of Spring here at Reading Writers, but I can pause just long enough from the creation of my latest magnum opus to share a few items of newsiness… Continue reading