We Are News

We’re well into the swing of Spring here at Reading Writers, but I can pause just long enough from the creation of my latest magnum opus to share a few items of newsiness with everyone. 
Firstly, after a long and arduous process that saw knock backs from two bookshops and the library, we have our judge for the RW Spring Writing competition! We couldn’t be happier to announce author Debrah Martin will be casting her expert eye over our efforts. A little background:
Debrah Martin is an award-winning British author, writing psychological thrillers as D.B. Martin and literary fiction as Debrah Martin. She also writes a YA teen detective series under the pen name Lily Stuart; irreverent, blunt, funny and vulnerable. She lives near Oxford in the UK with her daughters, and teaches creative writing and publishing when she’s not planning another mind-twisting plot.

She’s now on her tenth book and counting, but the most recent is a non-fiction; Write, Publish, Promote is a round-up of all she’s learnt about writing, publishing and marketing books in the six years she’s been doing so. It accompanies the workshops she’s teaching in 2016 on the same topics.

“Books are a chance to visit a world that you wouldn’t otherwise experience. As long as someone enjoys slipping into the other worlds that I write about, I’ll keep opening the doors for them. Dance in the rain, live in the sunlight, explore in your imagination…”

If you would like to read one of her books free of charge, sign up to her newsletter list here: http://eepurl.com/3-965 and be surprised!

You can also find out about all of her books (and some of her paintings) on her website debrahmartin.co.uk


Meanwhile, a couple of our members, co-chair Claire Dyer and Head of Vice Julie Cohen are, along with RW chum Amanda Jennings, taking part in CLIC Sargent’s Get Into Character charity auction. It’s a simple idea: bid for a role in your favourite novelist’s next book! If you win, you can expect to see your name in print. It’s probably unlikely that you’ll end up as the hero or heroine–unless you have a really interesting name! For more details and to get your bid on, get on over to the CLIC Sargent site:



Finally, in a very busy week for our Claire, we’re happy to share the news that she’s won the Charles Causley Poetry Prize for 2015 for her poem ‘Trust And The Horse’. The competition, which celebrates the legacy of Cornish poet Charles Causley, is highly contested, so Claire’s victory is doubly sweet–and highly deserved, of course! As part of her prize, Claire will be taking up a week’s residency at Causley’s house, Cypress Well in Launceston. Applause, applause!

Right, that’s enough for nothing, as Bob Hope always used to say. It’s the annual Reading Writers dinner tonight. Expect a riotous assembly in Caversham!