Applause, Applause.

Although the whole point of Reading Writers is to get together and have a bit of fun with our favourite all-consuming passion, it’s also nice when we have a little success with it. I’m delighted, then, to share some good news from both past and present members.

Ex-member Mitch Johnson (enduring memory of Mitch from the group–”he’s very tall”) has been signed up by Usborne who have snagged world rights to his debut novel, Ticks And Stripes. The book, which traces the interlocking paths of a twelve-year-old who works at a sweatshop and a superstar footballer, is described by Rebecca Hill at Usborne as“original, thought-provoking and important.” Congratulations, Mitch!

Meanwhile, 2016 is turning into a wild ride for current member Julie Roberts. Her historical novel The Hidden Legacy is up for publication through Accent Press later this year. Now news has emerged that she’s been nominated as Best New Writer in this year’s Romantic Writer’s Association Awards! Fantastic news, and we couldn’t be prouder of Julie–she’s a true storyteller with a very distinctive voice.

With the clock ticking on the submission deadline for this year’s RW anthology, we’re all busy at our keyboards. Mitch and Julie’s successes will, I hope, serve as both reminder of and inspiration to keep chasing the dream.