Octopus Medicine

One of our newer members, Becci Louise, is a performance poet with a penchant for the wilder side of life. She writes about the natural world, taking magical inspiration from the flora and fauna around us.

She has just launched her new book of poems, Octopus Medicine, through our pals at Two Rivers Press. She started things off with a party at the Castle Tap pub, including a rousing game of Pin The Tentacle On The Octopus, and cake for all!

Here’s Becci (right) with fellow Reading Writer Fabienne.

Good luck to Becci on what’s sure to be an octopustastic success.

You can snag your own copy of Octopus Medicine through the Two Rivers Press website: http://tworiverspress.com/wp/octopus-medicine/http://tworiverspress.com/wp/octopus-medicine/