2020: We Go Again

The turning of the seasons brings another year of writerly thrills and excitement for the happy campers of Reading Writers. The first meet of the year always has a certain frisson of anticipation, mingled with a hint of poignancy. It is the moment when the winner of the Don Louth Award for the year is announced.

Don was a mainstay of Reading Writers for many years, at one point serving as Chairman, Secretary and general cheerleader for the group. His sad passing in 2010 was marked with one final, typically kind and thoughtful gesture–a bequest that was to be used as a way to celebrate the member who had made the most progress in their writing life in the previous year.

Previous winners of the award include acclaimed authors Claire Dyer and Julie Cohen. As voted for by the members of the group, the Don Louth is a sign of respect from one’s peers that should not be treated lightly. Quite literally–the silver plate with the winner’s name inscribed upon it weighs a ton.

This year, the Don Louth Award was presented to our Communications and Membership Secretary, Rob Wickings, who writes the RW blog and is therefore finding it quite difficult not to make this whole thing seem weird. In response to the announcement Rob said:

‘Winning the Don Louth Award is a tremendous honour, but the real prize is being a part of this amazing and talented community. The silverware is a lovely bonus.’

Pictured below, Rob celebrates with Jackie Louth. The sharp-eyed amongst you may also note the appearance of former Don Louth Award winner Julie Roberts.

Rob’s responsibilities for the coming year include the choice of novel for our annual Summer Book Club night. Keep an eye on the socials for more on that as the year progresses.

Next up, our first Manuscript Night of the year, along with the new regular prompt writing slot and more fun than you can shake a Biro at.

It’s 2020. Here we go.