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NAWGfest 2018 Review

RW recently rejoined the National Association of Writing Groups (NAWG thence), a country-wide organisation of idiots, dreamers, narcissists and delusioneers writerly types. As part of the annual subscription, we’re allowed to enter NAWG’s many… Continue reading

Much Ado…

Something from our Juliet, esteemed MS Night Secretary and all-round RW hero. In a cross-post with Progress Theatre, she outlines the sheer hard work that goes into a local production of Shakespeare…

A Little Something From Claire

Presented without comment… except to say that Claire remains a driving force and an essential part of the soul of Reading Writers. Also, it’s her fault that yr esteemed webmaster is at the… Continue reading

The First Thing About The Last Day

There were some big changes to the committee of Reading Writers at the end of last year.

Panto Season? Oh Yes, It Is!

We are delighted as always to big up the work of our esteemed members. So it is with pride that we are happy to share news from one of our longest standing Reading… Continue reading