Our Anthologies

So far, the group has published three anthologies: Another Light Raid, Voyages, and Tales From Our Town. This most recent collection takes our beloved hometown as the overarching theme. Here’s an overview of what we’ve done up to now…



Tales From Our Town naturally takes Reading as inspiration, setting and historical source. What becomes clear as you dig in as what a rich source of ideas our town turns out to be. It is a place where pop stars, gentil knights and ghosts all have a place, and stories to tell. Above all. it shows what a diverse and broad range of styles and interests are represented in Reading Writers. This anthology is a really good reflection of a writing group going from strength to strength.

Tales From Our Town is available as an ebook right here: 


and as a real deal paperback here: 



‘Enjoy the stories and poetry in this volume. Some pieces will resonate more than others … by the end, you may feel as I did – refreshed, stimulated and with a new awareness. What more could anyone ask of a voyage?’ Kit Berry, author of The Stonewylde Series.


Set out on a journey, choose any path you wish. Join heroes and heroines of all kinds; frantic criminals, fairytale creatures, Wahoe Indians, cowboys, refugees, lovers, murderers and aliens on marvellous adventures in worlds both strange and familiar. Visit cities and countryside, travel through Britain and Europe, America and Asia, and press on, out into space and on to the deepest realms of fantasy. Face love, loss and grief, take on assassins, tread new ground and embrace the thrill of romance. It’s all here, just waiting for you to make the voyage…

Voyages brings together 40 unique stories and poems written by members of Reading Writers, Reading’s longest-running writers’ group.

All profits will be donated to ABC to Read (registered charity number 1102692). This local charity helps children who are struggling to learn to read, and Reading Writers is very proud to support them. Download your Kindle copy here: www.amazon.co.uk/Voyages-Anthology-Miranda-K-Lloyd-ebook/dp/B00LEVQFH6/.

The Anthology has been featured in the Reading Post: http://www.getreading.co.uk/whats-on/arts-culture-news/reading-writers-groups-new-anthology-7363236


Another Light Raid

Reading Writers’ anthology, ANOTHER LIGHT RAID, contains poetry, fiction and nonfiction by sixteen local authors and is available both in print and as an ebook.

‘Reading is a fine place for a writer to live,’ says award-winning local thriller writer Patrick Lennon in his introduction; this anthology contains ‘some of the best writing going on in Reading at present.’

ANOTHER LIGHT RAID is available online here.


We also have limited stocks of all three anthologies which can be sent out at a discounted price. For more details, contact us at our usual address.