We Are Reading Writers

Any group is only as good as its members. We have a wide and diverse range of writers with interests and specialties that range from horror to romance, fantasy to non-fiction. The one thing that unites us is our passion for the written word.

Come and meet some of the gang!

Rob Wickings is our Communications Secretary, responsible for our social media output and this here website. He is the author of two novels and a couple of anthologies.

He posts intermittently on his site Excuses And Half Truths.

Jillian Bost is RW’s Resident Horror Queen.

Jillian’s Horror Blog

Jillian’s Other Blog

Jillian’s Twitter

Claudette Flint is an author, playwright and film-maker.

Claudette’s Shooting People page

Gareth Cahill is our Social Secretary, helping us to have fun when we’re not wrenching art from our fevered brows. He’s an aspiring fantasy author too.

Gareth’s Twitter

Gareth’s Website.